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5 Most Common Causes Of Road Accidents

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Accidents on the road are the worst thing that can happen to anyone. They are one of the leading causes of sudden and untimely death. Sadly most road accidents are not situational and are caused by human fault and negligence. 

The traumatic part is that despite being aware of the possible harm and serious threat to life, many fail to take key actions and precautions when driving. People often ignore that they should never disregard general norms and safety measures. It’s because of their negligence that the stakes are very high.

An automobile collision can result in serious injuries and psychological problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. In some cases, people do not even make a full recovery and may suffer from permanent impairments and disabilities. 

Apart from affecting the quality of life, they also increase medical expenditures, resulting in financial losses. Additionally, they cause traffic congestion and jams, trapping other road users.

We will go through some of the most prevalent causes of car accidents in this article.

Over Speeding

Over speeding on roadways to reach a destination faster is the main cause of most everyday traffic accidents. Such accidents kill people and cause irreparable damage to families, leaving a serious mental impact and scars that may never fully heal. 

While driving at top speed might provide a rush of adrenaline, it can also lead to an interaction with the darker side of the world, which can be demoralizing and draining. 

Unfortunately, most individuals, particularly millennials, knowingly exceed the legal speed limit to get ahead of other road users to win the race. But it only increases the risk of accidents and serious injuries. Furthermore, the degree of casualties and vehicle damage is directly related to speed. The higher the speed, the greater the risk of serious injury and car damage.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident caused by overspeeding, do not try to endure the financial losses and navigate the complexity on your own. For swift justice and financial compensation, contact Queens Car Accident Attorneys. They can help you recover the money you deserve while easing the entire process associated with filing a lawsuit or insurance claim.

Distractions While Driving 

Distractions while driving, such as phone calls, emails, texts, changing car mirrors, and so on, can result in serious accidents. They can lead the motorist or driver to become distracted and take his eyes off the road.

Most people believe loud music while driving can make the driving journey fun and interesting, but it is equally risky and increases the risk of accidents. While driving, listening to loud music can cause mental impairment, making it difficult for the driver to hear automobile honks and other road users’ signals. Also, it makes it difficult for the driver to concentrate on driving solely and significantly. 

Drunk Driving/Inebriated Driving

While drinking is a common way to commemorate special occasions and goes hand in hand with socializing, driving while intoxicated can result in serious accidents, turning the joy of the occasion into a time of sadness.

Drunk driving contributes to several road mishaps and accidents every day, claiming the drivers’ lives, family members, and passersby. Alcohol hurts the brain’s complex architecture, impairing one’s ability to think and reason while driving. It causes slower reflexes, muscle coordination, poor memory, and decreased sight.

Because chemical communication between brain cells is interrupted, the motorist or driver may engage in impulsive conduct, speed excessively, and violate traffic laws. The person may also forget to turn on the safety lights on a vehicle while driving at night and even fail to notice the vehicles/pedestrians ahead of them due to decreased concentration and impaired visibility. 

Moreover, drinking and driving are not only dangerous to one’s physical health and safety, but it is also unlawful, resulting in harsh legal consequences and years behind bars.

Ignoring The Seat Belt Rule 

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, wearing a seat belt can reduce the chance of death by 40-50% in an unfortunate occurrence such as a car accident. However, many drivers and front-seat car passengers refrain from using seat belts, breaking the law and jeopardizing their safety. It’s important to remember that a seat belt is an important safety feature for the driver and front-seat passengers. 

In a car collision, not wearing a seat belt might result in significant injury or death. Failure to wear a seatbelt while driving a car or a two-wheeler can result in a hefty charge and penalty, which might dampen your mood and ruin the fun and excitement of the day.

Jumping A Running Red Light 

Traffic signals and red lights are installed on the road to ensure the well-being and safety of both the drivers and pedestrians. However, most people, especially when they are late for work and want to get somewhere faster, have their misgivings and second thoughts while obeying the road safety standards. Hence, it is common at road intersections that people don’t adhere to traffic rules and regulations. 

Disobeying traffic lights and violating traffic rules to save time and avoid stopping or slowing down can result in massive fines and even fatal road accidents. While some road users indulge in red light signal jumping to save time, some do it to save their fuel. 

Red light jumping, for whatever cause, can have serious and irrevocable consequences, putting your own life and the safety of other road users in jeopardy. After all, there’s a reason why the color red is associated with danger. So, when it warns you to slow down and halt, abide by it to avoid chaos, cars crashing at the crossing, and challans. 


A tragic event such as a vehicle accident can occur to anyone. Not knowing the right thing to do after the accident can lead to severe financial losses and emotional distress. Car Accident Lawyer Queens can help you seek justice and get the right compensation claim. From filing lawsuits to filing insurance claims, they can help you with sudden situations and unexpected expenses.

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