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5 Great Spots for Digital Nomads to Set Up Shop

Digital Nomads
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Digital Nomads


Who do you call a digital nomad? A digital nomad works remotely, either part-time or full-time while traveling to new countries worldwide. They are remote workers who aren’t limited to location, i.e., they are location-independent while delivering efficiently. Many are freelancers, but some also work for specific companies as employees.

The life of a digital nomad becomes more appealing as the world grows to become more technologically advanced. Understandably, more people are leaning towards this lifestyle. The idea of deciding when and where you want to work is a heavy incentive for anyone. It is understandable why you’d like to opt for this method.

Digital nomads perform their duties via connection with their laptops, tablets or smartphones to the internet. According to statistics performed in 2021, over 30 million digital nomads are there. In the United States alone, digital nomads have doubled from over 4 million in 2018 to over 10 million in 2021. There is growth.

When moving to a new country as a digital nomad, there are certain things to consider. They are referred to as “Base-Specific Details.” What are they?

Base-Specific Details

These details may be minor yet essential for a digital nomad who seeks to make their work-life smoother and more effortless in this new “base.”

Base-specific details range from any of the following:

  1. Language – Understanding the primary language and the key phrases of the country, e.g., “Hello,” “Good morning,” and “How are you?” will help a digital nomad settle down in their new environment. The Google Translator app can also be used when your understanding of the primary language is insufficient.
  2. Currency Conversion Rate – Moving to a new country implies using a completely different currency. Research the new currency and convert it to calculate the conversion rate.
  3. Culture – Acquainting oneself with the new country’s culture is a detail that must not be overlooked to avoid culture shock.
  4. Weather conditions – How prone is the country to earthquakes, tsunamis, heavy downpours, etc.? That information could go a long way for digital nomads.
  5. Accommodations – Digital nomads need places to enjoy the luxuries of hotel life and create an atmosphere to get work done.
  6. Country Background – The country’s background must be considered when choosing a spot to move in.
  7. Internet Strength – Because the job is remote, a digital nomad needs to determine how strong and fast network service operates there.
  8. Laws and Regulations -There is no global rule for legal issues regarding immigration; these rules vary from country to country. As a digital nomad, it’s always significant to research the country you intend to stay and work in.
  9. Health Sector – An in-depth analysis of the country’s health sector is beneficial for digital nomads.

All these points are taken; which countries have been considered so far as great spots for digital nomads to settle in?

5 Great Spots for Digital Nomads to Set Up Shop

1. Singapore

Many digital nomads pick Singapore as their preferred choice of country to move in. Why is that?

Singapore is notably a digitally-friendly place. US expats in Singapore have hailed the country for its cleanliness and unique qualities such as luxury apartments, fast internet, and security characterized by a low crime rate.

2. Costa Rica

Did you know that the Costa Rican government recently signed a pioneering law to attract workers and remote service providers to the country on an international scale?

Expats in Costa Rica who are digital nomads sum up life on the island as peaceful and relaxing. The tropical temperature combined with the serenity of the beaches creates a relaxing environment for them to work and live in comfortably.

3. Thailand

A recent survey shows that Thailand is the world’s most preferred country for digital nomads. The decision to work in this South Asian country as a digital nomad is a great opportunity. Other parts of the continent, such as Taiwan and Indonesia, which are all highly favorable for digital nomads, are easily accessible and affordable.

This offers digital nomads a platform to travel to neighboring countries and enjoy the beautiful landscape in Thailand.

4. Dubai

Thanks to its new one-year residency permit for remote workers, Dubai is taking leaps into becoming a paradise for digital nomads.

With the UAE government introducing the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, the emirate is transforming into an international hub attracting people worldwide who delve into e-commerce and technology.

5. Georgia

In 2021, Georgia became one of the first countries in the world to offer a digital nomad visa.

This development has pushed Georgia to the frontline of countries that are great spots for digital nomads and remote workers.

Georgia keeps introducing initiatives that boost the country further for digital workers.


The life of a traveler who is equally working can be all shades of heady, exciting but also tiring. The feeling of exhaustion doubles when a digital nomad moves into a country with little or no preparation for how unsuitable the country might be for them.

Ensuring how remote-friendly a desired country of residence results in a pleasing and satisfying experience.

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