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15brilliant ideas to use your tapestry on your walls in new ways

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If you own an existing wall tapestry and you are in search of a stylish piece to update and embellish your home as you get bored of your wall hanging, put aside all other options. Tapestries are the most versatile decorative item that can enhance the beauty and style of the space you live in a variety of ways, your existing wall tapestry could be transformed into an entirely new and innovative style alternative.


  • It could be used as an interior tapestry


A hanging tapestry on the ceiling can hide unsightly spots and add the room with its trendy designs.


A bohemian tapestry can be hung in the color you love that matches your style. Positive energy and positive vibes will reflect in the tapestry. When you hang a tapestry from the ceiling this makes the space seem larger and more expansive. A huge tapestry will make the ambiance of your dorm more attractive and cool.


  • Headboard


Your headboard will be your main piece of furniture you have in your bedroom. It is possible to move your wall around. A headboard covered with tapestries is a fantastic option to give it an unique appearance. If you use a tapestry as a headboard, and cover the look of an ordinary wall at the headboard it can give a stunning distinctiveness to your bedroom.


  • Pads for chairs


Make use of wall tapestries that have unique textures and colors to cover your cushion pads for chairs to create the best sitting experience to guests, your family members and everyone else. If you’re fed up with the tapestry being a wall decoration, you can use it to cover the cushions of your chairs. The furniture gets an edgy look thanks to the mandala-inspired designs of a tapestry.


  • Pillows for decoration


Your bedroom always requires new pillows. The pillows can change the overall look of your bedroom. If you are a fan of DIY projects, tapestry is the perfect fabric to play with. Refresh your home’s style with a sophisticated pillow created of wall tapestry. It gives the whole room the latest degree of comfort due to its captivating designs.


  • Wallpaper


Create a huge wallpaper of your tapestry material. If you are looking to wallpaper your home or dorm room and want to make a statement, these tapestry art works could be the ideal solution if you’re in a financial crunch. The stunning effect that they create on your walls without the need to invest in costly wall paints or drilling tools is simpler with the advent of wall tapestry that can be turned into high-quality , thematic wallpaper.


  • Tablecloth for a picnic


Tapestries printed in the past are soft and are made from cotton. They are easy to maintain and clean. A gorgeous and lightweight tapestry is a perfect picnic sheet that comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, both contemporary and traditional.


  • Circle of beach blanket


Are you thinking of an excursion to your favorite beach to experience the thrilling outdoor lifestyle? Make sure to bring tapestries to sit on the beach to and drape over your body to provide sun protection, take a break and enjoy more.


  • Toss it on the beach


A lightweight and very comfortable tapestry could be your most practical beach blanket. Who doesn’t like taking photos at the beach? Tapestry that features mandala, elephant as well as psychedelic, trippy contemporary, and modern designs is among the most effective beach photography props. So, take your favorite beach tapestry and head for the beach to soak the best of it.


  • Hangings for walls that have a rectangular


If you’re fed up with your wall hangings of fabric such as mandala tapestries It’s easy to turn them into a round. If there’s circles in a decorative hanging, it’s simple to cut it and then hem it to create an elongated wall hanging. Beware of holes and unattractive areas in your wall by hanging a tapestries for walls that breathe new life into old ones.


  • Curtains


Make use of a wall tapestry for an elegant curtain that will add an airy look and privacy to your living space. Turn your old curtains into fashionable curtains that will delight your guests. If you are a fan of blinds, you could buy these curtains online for a very low price.


  • Cover for sofa


Give your sofa an entirely new appearance by covering it with a stylish wall tapestry. Making changes to the appearance the sofa regardless of whether it’s new or old is a smart idea. Sofas are expensive piece of furniture that can’t be repaired as fast. It is possible to put it on a sheet to alter its look.


  • Floor pouffes and cushions


Wall tapestry is definitely the best option to style the cushions you are sitting on, or the floor poufs. You can also create large floor cushions, or even beds for your pet. Floor pillows are offered in a range of designs and colors.


  • Cover for furniture


If you drape a beautiful tapestry on your furniture and transform it into a unique piece. If your furniture is worn out and damaged, the beautiful fabric will transform it into something new.


  • Outside or under the bed tent


If you are planning to have picnics and outdoor holidays, a gentle and light tapestry for the walls is advised. A tent constructed from an enormous tapestry will provide space to accommodate two or more persons as well as books or other things. If you’re looking to create a zen-inspired tent the old tapestry is a great choice. If you don’t have a big tapestry, buy one from an online store for home decor.


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